Wuxi Xin Hao Felt Products Co., Ltd.
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6YRSWuxi Xin Hao Felt Products Co., Ltd.


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Wuxi xin hao felt products co., LTD., the original gold orchid mat industry co., LTD., our company can supply white carpet, thick felt, color industrial felt, needle felt, civilian warm blanket and felt, felt pads, felt, felt, felt, felt wheel, insoles, nonwoven fabric and non-woven series of thousands of varieties.Is mainly used for: mechanical, electrical and mechanical, chemical, cement, textile industry, also can be used for marble, stainless steel, precision polishing furniture, aircraft, cars, trains, ships, machine tools and other equipment, dust-proof, sealing, sound insulation, thermal insulation, insulation, thermal insulation performance in good use.The company relies on powerful technology strength, steel is developed with water cutting board, car companies use the felt seal, the two products to fill the domestic blank, has applied for patents, obtain approval and praise from many users at the same time, and the company with the faw, no.2, ZhuZhou power, baosteel, daqing petroleum and the capital metro etc. There is a direct or indirect relations, but also exported to the United States, Britain, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions.The company relies on the rigorous scientific management, firmly believe that strives for the survival by the quality, with the purpose of the credibility of development, to build high-quality scientific research team, open horizon, open, practical, pioneering and innovative, based on domestic, to the world, strive to put the carpet industry bigger and stronger. Products of good quality, good after-sales service, unite as one, work hard to achieve the company entered the national hundredstrong enterprises and make unremitting struggle.
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Jiangsu, China
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Nangong Xinrong Felt Products Co., Ltd.
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